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Welcome! Age-Friendly Maple Grove has compiled a collection of resources to help connect residents to services and information on a range of topics related to aging. New information will be added over time. Use the topics below/left to find what you are looking for. 

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Communication & Information

The effective dissemination of information about events, activities, services, and programs—and the promotion of and access to technology—to keep us connected to our community and friends and family.

Communication has gotten both simpler and more complicated in the age of the Internet and smartphones. There are more ways than ever before to communicate and to find and share information. Not everyone turns to the same places to find information—or even knows where to look. Age-Friendly Maple Grove is working to ensure that important community information—about services, events, programs, and activities—is readily available to older residents through a variety of means to ensure we can all stay connected to friends, family, and community. 

Age-Friendly Maple Grove Leadership Team

Beginning in 2024, Leadership Team meetings will be held quarterly (instead of monthly) on the following dates: February 8, May 10, August 9, November 8. Meetings are generally held online and occasionally in-person at the Maple Grove Community Center. All are welcome to attend. For online meeting information (video or phone), please email or call 763-494-6514 to get connection details. 

See below for Leadership Team meeting minutes from recent meetings.

Local Guides and Newsletters

55 Forward Programs

55 Forward is the City of Maple Grove's programming for older adults in the community. It includes the senior center (located inside the Community Center), trips, events, a range of classes for physical activity, art, technology, a variety of educational topics, and many other activities. Click here to learn more.

AF MG TV & Zoom Interviews

Age-Friendly Maple Grove has produced television shows for CCX and Zoom interviews for the web. Check them out here.

Zoom Interview Series

Liz Faust, 55 Forward Program Supervisor, City of Maple Grove - April 27, 2020
Click here to watch the interview.
With summer around the corner--and ever-changing COVID-19 conditions--AF MG talks to Liz Faust to learn about what's planned for 55 Forward this summer and how people can get involved. 

Jetta Wiedemeier Bower, Metropolitan Area Agency on Aging November 22, 2020
Click to watch the interview.
Jetta Wiedemeier Bower gives a rundown of Senior LinkAge Line - an incredibly valuable and free resource provided by the State of MN. Residents can call Senior LinkAge Line to get answers to questions about a whole range of services and resources, and even unbiased health insurance consultation for anyone enrolling in Medicare. 

Deb Stock, Volunteer Community Educator and Caregiver Support Group Facilitator, Alzheimer's Association MN-ND Chapter - October 17, 2020
Click here to watch the interview.
Deb Stock discusses the value of support groups for caregivers of people with Alzheimer's and other forms of dementia. She also talks about how support groups are functioning during COVID-19 and encourages any interested caregiver to participate. 

Jennifer Bauernfeind, Owner, Comfort Keepers Osseo-Maple Grove - September 22, 2020
Click here to watch the interview.
Jennifer Bauernfield, owner of Comfort Keepers Osseo-Maple Grove, talks with host Chuck Schwalbe about home care services and how staff keep clients safe and supported during the pandemic.

Todd Strege, Maple Grove Police Department - August 6, 2020
Click here to watch the interview.
Officer Todd Strege of the Maple Grove PD talks to host Chuck Schwalbe about scams during Covid-19--what older adults should look out for and what to do if you're the target of a scam.

Liz Faust, Senior Program Director, City of Maple Grove Parks & Rec - July 31, 2020  
Click here to watch the interview. 
Host Chuck Schwalbe talks to Liz to learn about what's going on with the City's 55 Forward programs during Covid-19. Check it out to learn about current programs and activities, what's to come, and how to get involved. 

Patty Anderson, Yes& Studio - July 6, 2020 
Click here to watch the interview.
AF MG kicked off its new Zoom interview series with a conversation with Patty Anderson. Patty retired from a 30-year parks and recreation career in Maple Grove and started her own business called Yes& Studio, where she teaches yoga, movement, and mindfulness classes to older adults. Host Chuck Schwalbe asks Patty shares her expertise to help us find calm during the COVID-19 crisis. 

CCX TV Series

(Note: AF MG TV is currently on pause due to the pandemic.)

Episode 1 - Meet Age-Friendly Maple Grove - 
October 2019: This episode introduces viewers to the work of Age-Friendly Maple Grove, how to use its resources, and how to participate. Watch it here on YouTube.

Episode 2 - Affordable Housing in Maple GroveNovember 2019: Affordable housing developer John Duffy and MG City Councilmember Karen Jaeger discuss affordable housing in Maple Grove. Watch it here on YouTube.

Please note that by making this information available, it does not constitute any endorsements by the City of Maple Grove, its officers or employees of the linked web sites, or the information, products, or services contained therein. The City of Maple Grove does not exercise editorial control over the information you may find at these locations and is not responsible for it. All links are provided and are intended solely for informational purposes and are not to be construed, under any circumstances, by implication or otherwise, as an endorsement by the City of Maple Grove.

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